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Website and Photo Shooting

an offer to end all others!

Be it a business venture or a project, online presence has always mattered the most.
At Depp Design, our services are the complete package. Starting from custom photo shooting, till the last tiny bit of detail that your website requires, we hone and polish everything to perfection.

You would never have imagined how much €999* could buy for your business. Until the end of this year, Depp Design offers professional photo shoots, custom made and tailored for your website and social media engagements, along with web design, making your online portfolio stand right out among your competitors. The website would be very easy to edit, with numerous options, conveying your message in just the way you want.

*Price excluding BTW

Website Features

Being the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress comes to our aid here too, where your website will be based. A very easy-to-use page editor can let anyone without technical expertise make necessary changes to your site right on time, and that too from a range of devices. Depp continues to support and advise you throughout the drafting, revisions, as well as the publishing of the finalized website. Having experiences with tons of clients in a variety of different business fields, we know just the right tricks to make your website appealing, and full of visitors!

Up to 5 Web Pages Personalized Designs

Multiple Device Compatibility

Easy Editing

Professional Copywriting


Customer Services

custom CSS

dinamic design

multilanguage support

The photos

And of course, the photography we offer is nothing short of professional. Our dedicated team ensures that not only does your message get conveyed clear, but also that the aesthetics are completely on point. In addition to that, multiple formats of files for multiples purposes is also something that we do great.

Shooting up to 3 hours


multiple file formats

Before you leave

The offer is up until the 31stof December, and there is no better price you will find that the one with us.
Your business, be it new or established, needs its online presence to cater to the customer base that is constantly relying more on technology. Reach them through the means they use, and make an impact!

Fill in the form below and let us give you a free and detailed quote regarding the offer, it is always good to hear back from prospective customers!

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